«Surgical Practice«

The certificate of registration of mass media PI number FS77-32248 of 09 June 2009 ,

subscription index in the» general catalog «The Russian Press» 90 948

Dear Colleagues!

We offer you a periodical publication surgical — scientific and practical journal «Surgical Practice«.

Chief Editor — MD, professor Maxim A. Evseev.

The main task of its, as editorial board sees it, is to make interesting in a practical sense magazine for Russian surgeons. We want to get away from the pattern of our scientific medical journals, which are intended to publish the results of the scientific degree. Although our magazine is also included in the list of HAC. However, it is our belief, our surgeons need «readable» magazine, which is to be read and in which you want to write.

Editorial address: 123060, Moscow, Volokolamsk 1-y passage,. 15/16

tel .: (499) 196-18-49

e-mail: sp@profill.ru

Chief editor: Savelyev EV