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Distinguished colleagues, dear friends!

By the decision of the Publications Board, I had the honor to become the chief editor of the scientific and practical magasine «Surgical Practice».

Over the past three years, the magazine truly «has risen from ashes,» received the status, fame and popularity among the Russian surgeons, entered the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals HAC RF. Of course, this does not happen by itself, but only through the hard and, as life has shown, extremely productive work as main editor of Prof. E. Achkasov and permanent chief editor S. Saveliev.

The main vector of further development of the magazine Editorial Council and Editorial Board sees in the publication interesting and useful materials for the practical surgeon. The main vector of further development of the magazine Editorial Council and Editorial Board sees in the publication interesting and useful for practical surgeon materials interesting both in the breadth of the problems discussedas well of the variety of points of view represented; necessary both for routine clinical and research activities, and to represent an opinion to the judgment of colleagues.The most significant problems are the expansion of readership, including the expense of Internet resources, the introduction of materials into the international magazine databases, a real opportunity for the authors from Russian regions to be published.

The structure of magazine has undergone some changes. First of all we consider it necessary to present to our readers the motivation of the alleged occurrence and content of those sections of magazine, which will form the basis of this and subsequent issues. As you know, the need to discuss some of the problems often also have to be proved.

So, at first sight, approval of the necessity of permanent education for the practicing surgeon may seem to be a kind of tautology. But, alas, it is only at first sight. Launched half a decade ago the sad tendency to degeneration surgery from one of the components of medical science to medieval handicrafts in the second decade of XXI century, if not yet become a fait accompli, in any case, has a distinct trend towards enhancement. In the context of this trend for the development of surgery meant solely copying him some advanced for today manipulation technologies. We believe that the true reasons for the popularity of this approach does not require comment, as well as its obvious ill effects.Nevertheless, we are convinced that the strength of the traditions of Russian surgical school is able to resist the ongoing process of degradation. Tradition gives priority not so much a «golden hands» as the «golden head» — intelligence, education and professional experience. It is possible that these surgical terms of professionalism — or rather, lack of them, someone incredibly confused, and therefore give rise to active opposition. In this context, the purpose of this section STATUS PRAESENS is the current state of the problem: reviews, lectures — providing practicing surgeon extract the information describing the current state of the most topical issues for the surgical clinic, coverage of existing perspectives and trends in modern surgical science, all of that in our view is extremely important. Materials section, in addition to the expansion of individual information field can help in the formation of a reasoned view of the problem and to determine the priorities of the planned research.This is particularly important because more often has been argued that the medical and, in particular, our surgical science exists «not because of, but in spite of.» And, nevertheless, the number of the original (in the true sense of the word) held and sucсessfull in terms of evidence-based national clinical trials are not only not diminished, but increased. Apparently, that this irrationality is a consequence of insatiable need of practical surgeons in the creation, looking for a new and perfect. Perhaps it is a protective mechanism and caused quite understandable desire to distance  from the daily routine. «Science in Medicine and light and warm …» — many decades ago, has written the great Pirogov. In the section MANU PROPRIA you can find Original Research.

We are pleased to present publications which are based on research and original development of our colleagues.

The next section of the magazine, DE ACTU ET VISU —  Clinical cases discussion.

Presented with the works which  from a formal standpoint of Evidence based medicine are complete opposite of the highest level of evidence — namely, case reports, and the private opinions of practicing surgeons. Nevertheless,  the examples of clinical practice are much more in demand in everyday life than highly scientific, but  very scholastic maxims, often having only a purely theoretical interest. That «experience, — the son of hard mistakes» is an indispensable term of surgical professionalism. Experience unselfishly passed to subsequent generations of surgeons. The experience, which protects against potential errors, drama and bitter disappointments. Let someone quite reasonable notice, that statements given here — no more than a personal opinion based on analysis individual clinical situations.

Let someone quite reasonable notice, given that the statements in this section — no more than a personal opinion based on analysis of certain clinical situations. However, precisely because of these particulars, obviously, it is a beautiful and unique in its diversity as a reflective glow of the diamond, the world of our surgery. Perhaps it is a description often encountered «rare» cases will help the surgeon to adequately get out of precarious situations not described in the manuals or textbooks. So let us be tolerant and forgiving to the opinion of our colleagues and we are grateful for the opportunity to use this valuable arsenal of knowledge in their daily work!

Information field of modern surgical knowledge was created, obviously not in the last fifteen years. Great names of the creators of surgical science, their amazing fate, history of successes and failures have that solid foundation, which was created for decades and are the basis of surgery — professional traditions and schools. Without this foundation it is impossible to imagine not only the progress of surgical science and practice in the future, but also to ensure their current relatively stable state. In this section, we will meet again with brilliant classical surgery bygone centuries. But we see them not only in the usual angle surgery, but as professionals in other, perhaps the most unexpected areas.We’ll see, perhaps as writers, poets, artists, musicians. Given descriptions are intended to not only view the multifaceted talents and abilities of the outstanding founders of modern surgery. One of the purposes of section HOMAGIUM. Tribute outstanding servants surgery — view surgery as a way of life, as a kind of religion, on the one hand requires its ministers combination of a number of both professional and human qualities, the other — reveals the incredible prospects for the realization of a wide variety of positive qualities of the human person.

Section Journal PRINCIPUM ET FONS. Surgical Department of Russia and the SNGposvyaschen «the beginning and the source» in teaching, research and practice of surgeons regardless of their nationality, age and nationality — surgical departments institutes, academies and universities. That is the history of their creation and development of scientific and pedagogical traditions of the school, the most significant scientific achievements and contribution to practical surgery. Not hard to guess that this section appeared in the journal is not accidental. Institute of surgical departments, have worked so hard to create for two centuries Pirogov and Inozemtsev, Oppel and Fedorov, Herzen and Grekov, since its inception, is both a beacon and a protective breakwater for the practical surgeon in recent years has become the object of constantly increasing pressure and, in some cases — even ostracism. The situation sometimes reaches the point of absurdity, when suddenly «do not come to the court ‘entire teams, with many years created the reputation of this medical institution and perform the lion’s share of practical work. The most sad in our opinion is that the severe pressure on the department is not some virtual force, and quite specific people. People studying at most of these departments as a student and residency granted to these departments not only a start in life, but often — social status. Apart from the essential list are not the best of human qualities that underlie these actions, we note only that the status quo was made possible with at least the tacit consent of the governing bodies of health care, medical research and education. Nevertheless, it is in our difficult times in the departments of the goods is a colossal responsibility for the preservation of scientific and pedagogical traditions of Russian and Soviet school of surgery, for the preservation of the very nature of domestic surgery in the highest sense of the word. And so — Vivat Academia, Vivant Professores!

It’s no secret that very often criticized for excessive surgical specialization, concentration only on «their surgical problems,» and even some «professional blinkers». Hand on heart, agree that in many respects, these criticisms are valid. It is no accident are still in the course of a very famous saying that «there are doctors and surgeons there.» A huge flow of information on new surgical techniques, workload daily work at the enormous psycho-emotional stress creates objective prerequisites for limiting the surgeon awareness of modern concepts of management of patients in an equally dynamic related specialties. But why only related? Today’s vector of development of medicine, aimed at achieving safe, effective treatment like never before updates the Hippocratic principle «treat not the disease but the sick.» The objective of this section VIRIBUS UNITIS. Surgery and related specialty is the lighting state of the art in various areas of medicine not only for understanding the practical surgeon language and capabilities of their fellow anesthesiologists, oncologists, gynecologists, urologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, raising the quality of care of the patient to a fundamentally new level, but that is not Low to enhance its professional culture. «Surgeons — is therapists who also operate» — wrote M.Schein. At least it should be.

The final section of the magazine, as the name implies — AD NOTANDA. Necessary addition: minutes, reports, reviews, reviews — information materials will be posted with the opinion of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Board, the interest for the practical surgeon, as well as answers to letters to the editor.

Dear colleagues, dear friends! Let me thank you for your interest in the publications of our magazine, to express confidence in the possibility of achieving the goals and objectives that were set in front of «surgical practice» and, most importantly, hope for a fruitful collaboration with surgeons in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Professor MA Yevseyev.

By decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated December 7, 2012 № 45/71 magasine «Surgical Practice» included in the list of peer-reviewed magasines should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.